Just About Every Member Likes Pizza...


If your credit union has a community charter or is a common bond credit union with a high concentration of members in centralized geographic areas, pizza box topper coupons and flyer advertising could be for you. Here's why:


  • Pizza topper coupons and flyer advertising is seen by 94% of the population.


  • Biggest pizza eaters are young, college-educated adults (a great way to reach out to potential younger members).



  • Your advertising message is personally delivered (you know it will be seen).

  • Your cost can be pennies per box or flyer.


  • 66.66% of Americans order pizza for a casual evening with friends (you reach more current and potential members).


A Few More Statistics...

  • The average family eats pizza at home 30 times a year.

  • The average person eats 46 slices of pizza every year.

  • Italian food ranks as the most popular ethnic food in America.


How To Make It Happen...


See if there is a local pizza box topper advertising service in your area or you could partner with local pizza shops individually. If a service isn't available, your credit union could have a flyer or large coupon designed and printed. You could also consider having your ad message printed on the box.


Although pizza advertising isn’t for every credit union, it can be an effective way to promote consumer loans, money management accounts and services, or for a membership drive. You could also use pizza as a gift incentive. Pizza appeals to both young and old members alike. Another option, consider a pizza party as a sweepstakes prize.