Research Shows Americans

Prefer Ethical & Green Values...


According to a BBMG Conscious Consumer Report, about nine out of ten Americans prefer doing business with companies that express ethical and green values when the price and quality of the product or service are equal:


  • 90% prefer to buy from companies providing energy efficient products.

  • 90% prefer to buy from companies providing energy efficient products.


  • 88% prefer companies that promote health and safety benefits.


  • 87% prefer to buy from companies with fair labor and trade practices.


  • 87% prefer environmentally-friendly practices.


Most Important Issue Responses:


  • 90% said safe drinking water.


  • 86% said clean air.


  • 84% said finding cures for diseases (Cancer, AIDS, Alzheimers (84%).


  • 63% said global warming


When making a product or service buying decision, the respondents also said all of the following are very important: 58% said the price; 66% the quality; 44% where a product is made; 34% convenience, 41% energy efficiency; and 36% the health benefits.


The bottom line, the survey showed that most Americans prefer to buy from companies that reflect their values. Consider using your newsletter and website to express your credit union’s core social values. Explain where your credit union stands using examples of your values at work with members and in the communities you serve. Stay away from self aggrandizing platitudes. Stay doen to earth, pun intended.


Source: Center for Media Research, BBMG Conscious Consumer Report