How Competitive is Your Website Continued... Page 2

  • Promote eStatements on your homepage for member convenience and to reduce costs.

  • Market to the three key youth markets vital to your credit union’s future: parents of children ages 12 and under, teens 13-17, and young adults 18-24.​​​

  • Promote your website branch by Interacting with select groups and/or your community membership through employer and/or community special events.

  • Collect member email addresses with a newsletter. Never ask members to sign up for your "email list." Give it a name, such as Member Alerts, Member Updates, etc. Detail the benefits.

  • Make your Online Banking Login prominent on your home page. It is the number one reason members come to your site.


​That's the short list. Your ability to generate member traffic and usage will depend on your site's navigation, content and how well you maintain your online brand experience.

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