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In fact, there are situations where too many graphics can actually reduce the effectiveness of your email. Research and reminder emails are prime examples. (Also see Men Are From New Jersey, Women From California)


How Often Should You Send Email?


One thing you don’t want to do is bombard your members with emails. You need to establish a realistic plan and relaionship. A rule of thumb is no more than one email per week. Always mix and match with emails for research, to remind, to inform or to get action. However, if you don’t have anything of value to say or promote, don’t send an email at all.


Getting Your Message Delivered...


Understanding email messaging best practices and the legal requirements is essential if you want your email messages delivered to the recipients inbox. It's best to work closely with your email vendor or to use the message deliverability review option in the software you have, if the option is available.


Texting, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & What's Next...


Ignore these opportunities and new ones to come at your own peril. Social networking is growing and can be a  valuable communication channel. At the same time, in many cases it is instutional advertising. How effective it is in converting attention and interest into actual sales is yet to be dertewrmined.  It  is a  relevant tool for marketing to younger members. However, email still remains an equally important marketing channel because it offers you the opporunity to estalish a deeper relationship, plus provide your members with more detailed information and oportunities.


A Powerful Marketing Tool...


There is no doubt that email is a powerful marketing tool. The key is to target your members’ needs, always provide value, let them know their privacy is important and protected, and include the opportunity to opt-out at any time.