Some might say email has taken a back seat to text and twitter messaging, but that doesn't mean it isn't a valuable marketing channel .


What’s unique about a well constructed email program is that you can tell a bigger story plus you have a significant advantage over other email marketers. That's because your members know who you are and already come to you for loans and services. But how successful you are when building an effective program depends how you manage this relationship. Here are some suggestions to help you maximize your program results.


Collecting Email Addresses


If you are not already requiring an email address when a new member joins your credit union, don't wait any longer. When you present the benefits effectively, it is the easiest way to collect opt-in addresses. Explain that it is the best way to guarantee they'll get their end-of-year tax statements and other important account information, including fraud alerts, product/service updates, and special offers ― and they'll get them first. You could also offer a special incentive, such as a sweepstakes entry for high perceived value prizes.


There Are Four Kinds Of Email


There are four different types of email in your marketing toolkit emails for research, emails to remind, emails to inform, and emails to get action. Developing a balanced mix works best.


Emails For Research: Emails are used effectively to ask for feedback or to conduct mini-surveys. A general feedback request or a simple survey with no more han 10 questions works best. However, do not overuse this capability. A


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