When Your Brand Is Only Fluff...

Marshmallow Fluff® was invented in the Somerville, Massachusetts kitchen of Archibald Query. Mr. Query manufactured and then sold his confection door-to-door, jar-by-jar. However, shortly after World War I he sold his recipe to two war veterans for $500. The new 

owners, Mr. H. Allen Durkee and Mr. Fred Mower, would build this snow white concoction into a great brand, making Marshmallow Fluff and the Fluffernutter sandwich a favorite in homes and schools nationwide.

Mr. Durkee and Mr. Mower began manufacturing and selling Fluff door-to-door, just as Mr. Query had done. They would cook up a batch every evening and then sell it the next day. After many months of long days and nights, their hard work began to pay off. Fluff grew in popularity by word of mouth, which enabled them to sell more and eventually get Fluff onto supermarket shelves. Once the supermarket doors were open, Fluff sales took off - and so did the brand.


The Book-Of-The-Moment

In the 1930s, Durkee and Mower also became pioneers in radio advertising. They created and produced a weekly “Flufferettes” program. The 15-minute broadcasts included live music and comedy skits. One of the comic sketches was about a fictional Bostonian scholar, a Mr. Lowell Cabot Boswell. In this series of thirteen comic sketches, Mr. Lowell Cabot Boswell was involved in creatively rewritten moments in American history, from the Revolutionary War to the Harvard-Yale bicycle race. Each episode ended with the narrator reporting that he had disappeared to continue work on his mysterious book, which was assumed to be a historical text of monumental importance.


In the last episode, it was revealed that the mysterious Book-Of-The-Moment was actually a collection of Marshmallow Fluff recipes for cakes, pies, candies, frostings and other delicious confections. The compilation was aptly named, The Yummy Book. Still available today, the ninth edition includes some of the original favorites, including the recipes for Never-Fail Fudge and the infamous Fluffernutter sandwich. Click here to view or download the The Yummy Book for FREE.

If you who have never tasted a Fluffernutter sandwich, this delicacy is made by applying a layer of Marshmallow Fluff to a layer of peanut butter on white bread (whole grain

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