MMSS has a Vehicle Loan Rate Identifier Prescreen that captures vehicle loans your members have at other financial institutions. But unlike other programs, our Rate Identifier allows you to target members with a loan rate higher than your own. It has other unique benefits too.


  • Identifies and attracts potential new member borrowers, as well as captures current member vehicle loans.


  • Helps current members and potential members reduce their debt with a lower rate.


  • Generates future vehicle financing. (Research shows individuals are four times more likely to finance their next loan with the same financial institution that has their current loan.)

Our Vehicle Loan Rate Identifier can also help community chartered credit unions attract new members. Even better, targeting is more cost effective and can generate a higher return on investment.

Membership Marketing Support Services (MMSS) was founded in 1980. Today we provide strategic marketing solutions for credit unions

nationwide. Having worked with more than 1,000 CUs, our proven strategies can help you maximize your marketing investment. Depending on your current market position, we can help you with a specific project or develop a more indepth Marketing & Growth Plan. For the complete details, call Mike Eshelman at 1.800.243.0171, Ext. 230, and visit our website at


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