Zero-In On Your Core System To Maximize Performance...

Develop Better Member Product/Service Relationships.


Making informed business decisions requires a reliable and accurate integration tool to identify the best targets and create the solutions you need to consistently increase membership and build profitable member relationships.

Zero-In is the research tool that delivers business intelligence strategies and tactics that enable you to take action, measure results, and maximize your overall performance. It's profitability modeler provides management reporting capabilities mapped from your core system and general ledger.

The Key to Targeting Your Members...

With Zero-In, your key data is identified, complied and integrated to provide a total intelligence solution. Market analysis, strategic profitability studies, service evaluation, share of wallet, survey results and product trend data are coordinated to enable you to target opportunities and overcome market challenges. Better yet, Zero-In integrates the evolutionary analysis applications ProTracker and ProfitBooster. Both solutions integrate referral tracking and workflow/process management to help you maximize your online and brick and mortar product/service and member relationship strategies.

ProTracker makes it easy to promote and track new and current member product and service usage, while ProfitBooster details how you can increase usage with specific product and service strategies, providing practical and cost-consious solutions that utilize your current resources, as well as potential marketing opportunities.

Zero-In's advanced intelligence capabilites are managed by a dedicated team of ABF strategic advisors who supervise your Target Marketing Intelligence Plan throughout the year. To learn more about how you can maximize your performance and Zero-In on your members' product/service needs, call 800-000-0000.

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