• Keep your home page uncluttered to generate attention and interest, and to maintain and reinforce your brand. Make your Online Banking Login prominent on your home page. It is the number one reason members come to your site.


  • Keep the number of clicks to locate information and product/service details to a minimum.


  • Be sure all credit union and third-party resource links are working.


  • Review your site REGULARLY to discover typos and outdated content, CLICK BY CLICK. Over time your website changes. The navigation. The content. The copy and the tone. The total experience you want your members to have.  You would be amazed at how many credit union sites go unchecked for months or longer. The reason why a regular and objective review is so important. Get the details.


  • Regularly promote your products and services and reinforce ongoing promotions.


  • Provide member service alerts, policy changes, and product/service news.


  • Conduct online-only promotions and refinforce them with email communication to build traffic and member loyalty.

  • Provide easy to use online loan and product/service applications. Keep it simple, you can always cross-sell during the membership process. You can include a longer form option but only if you include the approximate time it will take to complete the process.


  • Include a member email feedback link at least twice a year to survey member site likes and dislikes.


  • Provide financial literacy articles, resources and links.


  • Promote eStatements on your homepage for member convenience and to reduce costs.


  • Market to the three key youth markets vital to your credit union’s future: parents of children ages 12 and under, teens 13-17, and young adults 18-24.

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The goal is simple. Create a website that is easy to use, content-rich and interactive. But remember, a great website is in the eye of the user. Unfortunately, too many credit unions fail to review their sites on a regular basis. This checklist is designed to help you review your website and compare it to your competition. Some are no brainers and others worthwhile reminders.